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Digital Painting Series

Unlimited Edition Giclee Prints

This is the first series I worked on using Procreate. For about a year I became obsessed with the tool within the digital painting app that creates kaleidoscope imagery. My obsession helped me produce close to (500) Digital Paintings. The tool makes it easier to construct visual balance which is what drives me to want to make art.


Digital Painting No. 166

Decorative Distortion Series

Unlimited Edition Giclee Prints

My obsession with creating visual balance pushed me into a second series using Procreate. I found the liquify tool that can distort the image while keeping the kaleidoscope imagery.

Decorative Distortion No. 138

Interior Space Series

Limited Edition Giclee Prints (24 prints)

About a year into the pandemic, I began this series. It stems from being isolated at home. Living in an urban area, I spend a lot of time in restaurants and cafes meeting friends. Once businesses reopened, I began to take photographs of places I patronized. I uploaded the photographs into Procreate. That was the start of my Interior Space Series. Shortly after beginning the series, I started using images of more intimate interiors from family and friends' homes.

Interior Space No. 8

(Midtown Oyster Bar Newport RI)

Silhouette Series

Limited Edition Giclee Prints (24 prints)

While taking photographs for my Interior Space Series, I wanted to capture the restaurants and cafes without any people. This sometimes became impossible depending on the time of day. I eventually embraced the images of people in the photographs. At first, I found it difficult to tackle the issue. In the end, I found the silhouette with a single color was the most visually strong.

At the same time, I had taken photographs at 2 fashion shows in Boston, and also, on the sideline of an NFL game between the New York Giants vs the Philadelphia Eagles in Philadelphia. These photographs became the basis for my Silhouette Series. The single-color silhouette turned into patterned silhouettes using imagery from my Digital Painting Series. Randomly placed solid circles appear for the first time in my creating digitally.

Silhouette No. 11

Abstract Distortion Series

Limited Edition Giclee Prints (24 prints)

I decided to venture away from using the kaleidoscope tool within Procreate while working on my Decorative Distortion Series. I can get bored quickly with a process and everything begins to look the same. Still using the liquify tool within Procreate, I launched into a new visual language for myself that has become some of my strongest work, my Abstract Distortion Series.


Abstract Distortion No. 16

Self Portrait: In the Face of Madness Series

Very Limited Edition Giclee Prints (3 prints)

Using headshot selfies and using the process that originated in my Silhouette Series - my Self Portrait: In the Face of Madness Series was born. After No. 11 in the series, I began taking the patterned silhouette and distorted it using the liquify tool. I then layered several of the distorted silhouettes on top of one another. In the Face of Madness comes not from my own mind, but from the madness of living with someone who suffers from sever anxiety, depression and dementia. The randomly placed solid circles appear again. I realize they are reminiscent of blowing bubbles when I was young, bringing me back to a simpler time in my life.


Self Portrait: In the Face of Madness No. 14

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