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I am an artist living in the South End of Boston MA. In 1995, I moved from Southern New Jersey to Boston to study at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts. I got into their Post Baccalaureate Program. I went in a photographer and came out a painter. The school's philosophy was to push you out of your comfort zone. So, I studied drawing, painting, printmaking and bookmaking. I graduated from the program mostly working in painting. Since then, I've gone through periods of working in each of the practices I studied, with most of my focus remaining on painting. In July 2020, I began creating digitally. Mark Feeney

Mark Feeney Artist

I'm a Boston based artist. My work is a cross between Willy Wonka, Alice in Wonderland and Pink Floyd with a little bit of Philip Taaffe. It's psychedelic, full of bold colors that make an impact. Coloring books, cartoons and album cover art of the 1960s and 1970s were my first entry into the creative world, and making art when I was young. They are still the things that inspire me today. I have worked in photography, drawing, painting, printmaking and bookmaking. At the beginning of the pandemic, I began creating digitally.

I get bored quickly, so working on several series at a time helps make the work stay fresh and exciting to me. Working digitally quickens the pace. It allows me to work on an idea through many images, and to work on several series simultaneously, both in a short time span.

digital art

Abstract Distortion No. 13

abstract art

Abstract Distortion No. 15

online art

Interior Spaces No. 5

(Precinct Kitchen Boston MA)

Silhouette No. 8

self portrait

Self Portrait No. 23:  In the Face of Madness

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