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I am an artist living in the South End of Boston MA. In 1995, I moved from Southern New Jersey to Boston to study at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts. I got into their Post Baccalaureate Program. I went in a photographer and came out a painter. The school's philosophy was to push you out of your comfort zone. So, I studied drawing, painting, printmaking and bookmaking. I graduated from the program mostly working in painting. Since then, I've gone through periods of working in each of the practices I studied, with most of my focus remaining on painting. In July 2020, I began creating digitally. 



Visual Balance

Visual balance is what I seek in my work. It grounds me and gives me peace of mind. The first series I began using Procreate, the Digital Painting Series, I used a tool within the application that creates kaleidoscopic imagery. This imagery further satisfies my desire for visual balance in my work. The second series, the Decorative Distortion Series, I use the same tool.


Digital Painting No. 248


Decorative Distortion No. 28

Interior Space Series

A year into the pandemic I began taking photographs of inside the coffee shops, bars and restaurants I patronized. I input the photographs into Procreate, trace the image to some of the smallest details and add my own color scheme, including previous imagery I created. This was the beginning of the Interior Space Series. By the 12th image in the series, I began including more intimate living spaces in private homes. Two other series have grown out of this process, the Silhouette Series and the Still Life Series.

Interior Space No. 5 (Precinct Kitchen Boston MA)

Silhouette Series

When I began the Interior Space Series, I purposely took interior shots without people. But, that became more difficult. Instead of editing them out, I included their shapes as silhouettes. At the same time frame, I was looking through old photographs on my phone and came across several sequences of photographs that I wanted to do something with. Two of the sequences were of two separate runway shows in Boston that good friend of mine, who was working in fashion design, invited me to attend. The third photographic sequence was from the sideline of a Philadelphia Eagles vs New York Giants game before the game started. I won tickets to the game and pregame sideline access was included. The shapes of the runway models and the football players made me even more interested in using silhouettes more prominently in my work. The Silhouette Series began.


Silhouette No. 3


Silhouette No. 21

Still Life Series

The Still Life Series developed out of the Interior Space Series. Plant life was showing up in a few of the images I created. Specifically, there was a bouquet of flowers in Interior Space No. 42 (The Barn Mount Hope Farm Bristol RI). This sparked my interest in flower arrangements. I liked the composition of the first still life I created but I'm searching for my voice in the Still Life Series. I believe my difficulty in finding my voice in this series it that for the first time I'm using imagery from photographs I haven't taken myself. Everything is a process and I'm enjoying my search. I have finished a few compositions that I feel are successful.


Interior Space No. 42 (The Barn Mount Hope Farm Bristol RI)

still life no. 1.JPG

Still Life No. 1

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